Introduction SIA Foundation

Our organization SIA Foundation Pakistan, is a nonprofit organization, which aims to conserve environment in Pakistan by encouraging use of natural resources, harmonizing industrial practices and discouraging pollution & wasteful consumption and also supporting population of under privileged areas of Pakistan by providing opportunities of welfare, improving income levels, imparting knowledge through research and training programs.

Being the 4th largest cotton produce and 2nd largest commodity of Pakistan export, our textile industry would be in trouble, since the global brands will only buy sustainable products by 2020 which includes better cotton and organic cotton. Currently we only have 20 to 30% of better cotton available within Pakistan whereas Organic Cotton is not yet available in the Market due to which we are dependent on import.

If Global Commitment is to use more sustainable material in their products, we will soon face a big challenge for not having organic cotton domestically.

Foreseeing big challenge to our textile Industry, SIA foundation Pakistan has taken self-initiative to create awareness about organic cotton cultivation within Pakistan and make stake holder own Organic cultivation within Pakistan and seek your patronage for the same.

The benefits of organic cotton cultivation is to support locally grown organic cotton in the under privileged areas of our country and further supporting shorter lead time for organic order alongside transit time.